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Here it is! A great bundle of beard oil for the beards with an unquenchable thirst! The collection, the trio, all three oils in one bundle at an affordable rate. You get Simply Citrus, Empire, and The Northwoods. I’ve priced this bundle at $5 less, getting you all three oils, saves you five bucks, and essentially pays for your shipping along with another dollar in return! Getting this bundle will let you have variation in what you apply. And if used as directed (3-5 drops twice per day) it should last 4.5-6 months on average, this highly depends on your beard type and how much you love using beard oil! That’s $25 for a half year supply of quality organic oils, try beating that other companies! HA!

Through ingredients, through knowledge, give your beard the best!

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Like all our products we include an organic base of core carrier oils and essential oils that are easily and readily absorbed by the skin and hair to make a quick and effective beard oil. We only use USDA approved organic oils, however, we cannot put the seal on our products as we are not yet certified or licensed. We can provide all information on these organic ingredients through documentation upon request and have included these documents as downloadable PDF files by clicking here —> Tome of Ingredients

Carrier Oils include:

Argan, Jojoba, Castor, Soya Bean, Sunflower, Perilla Seed, and Pumpkin Seed. (Hemp Seed in The Northwoods only)

Check this page out to learn what sets us apart from the other guys! —> How It’s Made

Our oils are at a consistency that is thicker than the generic oil yet loose enough to work throughout the beard easily and evenly. We have also designed these oils to not flow out of the dropper immediately. It is thick enough to dispense however many drops you desire without fear of using more than needed.

Beard oils that contain too much essential oil can be quite harmful to your hair, but especially your skin. That is why we keep our essential oils at about a 3-4% dilution rate.

Our beard oils will typically last 1.5 months using 3-5 drops twice per day. You may need more depending on your skin and hair type. We recommend using once in the morning and once afternoon-evening. With ‘The Trio’ you should get a good 4.5-6 month use out of it, enjoy!

Disclaimer: We have researched all the oils used and have purposely avoided common allergens. Carrier and essential oils are derived from plant parts (stems, leaves, bark, etc). Therefore we highly discourage anyone from using a beard oil containing a known allergen to that person. Best practice is to rub a small amount of oil onto skin in order to test for adverse reactions. Our dilution rate should prevent this, but in any case, testing is recommended. That is why we release our ingredients, customer safety, customer satisfaction.

We have designed our labels to not wrap entirely around the bottle, leaving a small gap just enough to see how much oil you have left and when to order more 😉

The coloration is of standard oils: a clear to pale yellow. (Empire & Simply Citrus), Light Greenish/Yellowish (The Northwoods)

Additional information

Weight 7.5 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.0625 in
Beard Oil

Made with Organic Ingredients


All three scents in one bundle at a discounted price!


Thicker Than Generic Oils Yet Oily Enough to Apply Evenly Throughout

Hair/Skin Absorption

Easily & Readily Absorbed Oils for Effective and Clean Application


Clear to Pale Yellow Coloration (Empire & Simply Citrus), Light Greenish/Yellowish (The Northwoods)


3-5 drops Twice Daily Usually Lasts 4.5-6 Months when used as directed


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