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Presentation is Everything!

Guided by our ambitions and willpower, we experience adversities and triumphs throughout life. No matter the inconsistencies between where we fail and when we win there is one constant that remains: presentation. How does your appearance make such a huge impact on the perception of those around you? What are the overall benefits of a well-groomed beard in the work place, romantically, and in everyday life? We take a look at these questions today, here on Because Beard.

Why Presentation?

What's Key?

Presentation is key in just about everything in life. If someone offered you one of two free cars…say they’re of the same make, model, and year where Car #1 is in pristine condition: new paint, detailed interior, the works. While Car #2 is a little beat up: had a fender bender, some good scratches from a few years back, and a hole in the driver side seat with the filling exposed. Which one would you pick?

Now I’m not saying we can compare people to vehicles, but let’s just assume Car #1 and Car #2 have different motors, suspensions, intake systems, etc. You don’t know what either one is capable of, all you can do is choose one over the other. How do you base your final decision? I’m going with appearance, or presentation.

First Impressions Count!

Your first impression is absolutely everything to those around you. Humans are judgmental creatures, that’s how we were programmed. To take what we perceive at first glance and form a decision about that person, object, or whatever it is, in order to determine whether we should approach or avoid: to take interest in or stay away from altogether.

Presentation ultimately assists or hinders your ability to accomplish that which you set out to achieve. There are many things out there that your presentation plays a big role in…so let’s look at some of those next.

Benefits of a Well-Groomed Beard

Beards in the Workplace

In the work place a cared for beard should help establish you as a man who firstly understands presentation is everything! Secondly, it helps to make others aware that you are willing to do the work necessary to properly care for your beard and maintain it daily. This roughly translates into a few key attributes: hard work and dedication. The way you will be perceived in the work place from having a well-groomed beard should inherently net you some sort of headway into making your way up the ladder, getting that pay raise you want, and much much more.

Beards & Romance

Romantically, having a beard is a win-lose. Some women like them, some never will. The simple act of having a beard will instantly set you apart from the other guys out there. But a well-groomed beard will make you stand out among the rest of them. Many traits can be drawn from a taken care of beard: patience, confidence, loyalty, just to name a few; traits that most women find appealing. There is much more that you gain when you grow a beard other than just hair on your face! Chances are you’ll find someone who shares those same traits, that is, as along as you act upon those traits!

Out in the world, in your day-to-day life, you meet, talk to, and see a lot of people. And that’s just in your personal life, not to mention social media and the internet! Having a well-groomed beard to boost your presentation automatically sets you apart as unique and defined. That you know exactly who you are, not who you’re trying to be. And that’s just about the best benefit concerning presentation when it comes to maintaining a well-groomed beard.

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