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What We Do Differently

We take extreme pride in what we do. This is our passion! We enjoy formulating and crafting these awesome oils. So we wanted to take a moment to go over a few things we do here at Because Beard to make you feel assured you are purchasing a Masterfully Crafted Beard Oil.

Organic Ingredients Always!

All of our products are USDA Organic approved. Unfortunately we cannot place the seal quite yet on our products as we have not gone through the licensing and fees but we provide complete documentation of the organic certified documents along with quality testing, processing, and other extensive testing done on the ingredients used for our oils. Some of our oils used are even Kosher & Vegan certified. We provide organic products with no higher price point than the regularly priced beard oil because we believe that should be a standard practice. Provide customers with safe-to-use products. You can view these documents listed here available for download —> Tome of Ingredients

Dilution is Key

We keep our essential oils at about a 3-4% dilution (depending on the oil and strength of the scent). Using too much essential oil can be detrimental to the hair, but especially the skin! Depending on your skin sensitivity and skin type you could experience irritation from a product containing too much essential oil. That is not our goal.

No Secrets, All Honesty!

Our ingredients used are completely out in the open! If you go look at most online beard companies they usually refuse to release their essential oils used. In response they claim they do not want their scents stolen, formulas replicated, etc. What you must understand is that essential oils are very precise: drop by drop a little more or a little less can completely change the overall outcome of the scent. Essential oils are derived from plant parts (stems, leaves, bark, etc). We at Because Beard understand there are many people in this world whom are allergic to certain trees, plants, flowers, and the like. So in our efforts to make you feel like you can use our products safely without fear we release our ingredients. We also purposely avoid oils that are common allergens or highly allergenic. We will never reveal our exact formulas but is not good industry practice to at least let consumers know what they are buying? Some companies think not.

No Overly Used Cheap Oils

We do not fill our oils with cheap overused carrier oils. Carrier oils are the oils that bring nutrition to your skin and beard. By using copious amounts of common, generic carrier oils other companies are able to bring their profit margins to a very very high ratio, but are the customers really getting the best? Simple answer: NO! We try to use a variety of carrier oils. Every oil has a core base of seven different carriers: Soya Bean, Sunflower, Perilla, Pumpkin, Argan, Jojoba, Castor, and Hemp Seed (The Northwoods only). This gives your skin and beard what it truly needs. We don’t hide behind massive amounts of cheap oils. Our profit margins aren’t as high but we take pride in what we give you: the best!


We’ve designed our oils at a consistency that allows ease of dispense. The dropper will hold the oil long enough to allow for each drop to be counted, not just pour straight out. It is imperative to know how many drops you need so you can make the most of your product! Does it make sense to buy something you don’t know how long will last? That’s like buying milk or bread with no expiration date listed on it!

More Than Just a Business!

Lastly, but not least: we do not leave you hanging. We provide information to you on this site on how to use our products and how to take care of your beard. We’ve seen so many guys not properly introduced into the bearded lifestyle and left a little confused. Using too much products or not enough, trimming their beard in ways to prevent a desired style, and a whole array of other issues. We feel that we are not doing our job if we do not provide this information to you. Besides…shouldn’t we be expected to? We sell a product and that’s it? No. Never. We continually strive to give you the best. Through ingredients, through knowledge, we give you the best!

What to Expect

Finally let’s have a quick word regarding what you can expect to see on this site and what you won’t find here: You will not find the word “Premium” being used here. We will not place the word premium on a product and try to justify a $20 per bottle price point, that’s sickening. You will not find false claims or pandering here. We tell you exactly what you need to know and should know about what we put out, and we even go into extreme detail to ensure you feel safe using our products. Oh, and last thing: this is not a “beard growth product” fake marketing scheme, and any company who claims their beard products increase the rate of growth and make your beard grow completely thick/full are liars. We take pride in our products and refuse to lie to customers.

Through ingredients, through knowledge, give your beard the best!

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