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For Beginners: The Journey

So, you’ve decided to give a shot at growing a beard. Mostly, you’ve probably either clean shaved most of your teenage years – young adult years, or you have shaped up a very short stubble using lines or fading. Whether you wish to begin this journey with the intention of changing your appearance or simply because you want to see your potential, we will guide you through that task giving you the best advice for the healthiest and best-groomed beard possible.… Continue Reading

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Tome of Ingredients

This page contains a list of downloadable PDF files providing you with the following information:

MSDS – (Material Safety Data Sheet)

C of A – Certificate of Analysis

GCMS – Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Organic Info

Quality & Regulatory Info

Carrier Oils

Argan Organic – Virgin –                   (MSDS) (COA) (OrganicCertificate) (QR).… Continue Reading

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It’s Still a Good Day

My favorite expression in the world: “A bad day with a beard is still better than a good day without a beard”

There is really no way around it, there will be many a challenge along your beard journey. Between the awkward first couple months, new beard itch, negative comments or disapproval from others, and eating and drinking, your beard presents more problems than it solves.… Continue Reading

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Lizard or Wizard?

Okay, we’ve established that you want to grow a beard, after all, you didn’t just read the first two articles for nothing. You now need to decide what length and style of beard you want. Do you want a short-styled neat beard or a beard like that one guy from Lord of the Rings…..oh what’s his name….Gimli the Dwarf, now his beard is amazing!… Continue Reading