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Beard Struggles: Food-Beard

It’s a common condition that affects millions of beards worldwide: food-beard. The condition is known to directly affect the average beard up to three times per day. How can we prevent food-beard and lower the chances of getting it? I have a major tip for you to avoid getting food into your beard or well, at least how to avoid the consequences thereafter.

But first, let’s talk about what the consequences are:

  1. Your overall appearance will significantly decline: netting you more looks and head-turns but not because of what you think its for! It’ll be for that piece of 3+ hour dried up sauce from the pizza you ate for lunch!
  2. People will assume you know about it but simply do not care: The average person does not have a full-blown beard or mustache (especially women for obvious reason) therefore, they can only assume “How can he not know that’s there? He must know but not care, how gross!”. This will obviously impact your appearance and how you’re viewed as a person.
  3. Dealing with it later: Food doesn’t stay fresh, it will ultimately dry up, get sticky, or any other manner of nastiness. This will lead you to having a fun time getting it out of your beard. Ice cream, sour cream, sauce, melted cheese, the list goes on for foods that will ruin your beard. It is not fun getting old food out of your beard. Not at all.

So now, let’s start explaining how to prevent the above from happening or at least deal with it as soon as possible!

Ya know how in weight lifting they say to always have a spotter with you? Well the same principle applies to eating while having a beard and mustache, particularly a mustache. All kinds of food will find its way into your facial hair somehow, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. That is why I strongly recommend (in my professional opinion) to always have a spotter when you eat.

The number of times I’ve been saved from embarrassment while in public is countless. Just this morning in fact, my cousin and I were at a coffee shop and I had gotten a donut. Now, this creme-filled donut of course was a little messy with the glaze and oreo topping, so I had a challenge ahead of me. The goal: devour this donut with as little of it on my beard and mustache as possible. Did I achieve such goal? Not even close.

Bite after bite more of it seemed to get on the beard as I carefully attempted to avoid the creme-filled center from squeezing out. But alas, it happened, all over the mustache. My cousin said “Dude, you have like a half pound of that creme right there” and pointed towards it. I had no idea whatsoever, not a clue. It was far to the left side of the mustache outside my peripheral vision. So I got a napkin and wiped and all was good.

Now just imagine if I didn’t know, if I was never warned about it. If I continued my day to the store, to the mall, to work, would anyone have told me? How many people would have been subjected to the unfortunate accident that occurred earlier that day? Now imagine how embarrassed I’d have been once I found out about it! That’s why I’m very relieved I had a spotter with me while eating and why I highly suggest doing the same.

At the very least keep a mirror (or even use your phone’s camera) to check yourself during and after each meal or snack. It’s better to prevent an issue than deal with one later.

As far as drinking with a mustache you can check out our video on how to use a drink guard here, it’s an easy-to-use, awesome tool and super portable —> Mustache Drink Guard – Demonstration & Review

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