How To Apply Beard Oil

So now you know exactly what beard oil is, but you also need to know how to apply it! It’s actually quick, easy, and surprisingly not messy!

Step 1:

Apply an appropriate amount of beard oil to palms of hand. 2 drops for stubble, 3 drops for scruff, 5 drops for short – medium beards (1.5-3+ in.), 8-10 drops for long beards (5+ in.) As you can see, the shorter the beard the less oil that is needed. Very important to note that, new guys 😉

Step 2:

Rub palms together lightly, the goal here is to evenly distribute the oil between both hands without rubbing into the hands, or at least try to.

Step 3:

Work hands throughout the beard making sure to focus on the skin underneath the hair, not just the hair itself. Our beard oil has been formulated primarily for skin while giving the hair some benefits as well.

Step 4:

For a final touch use a comb or brush (depending on beard size and type) to work oil evenly throughout. This ensures the entire beard has been taken care of and gives some styling after moving your hands in and out of your beard.

Step 5:

Enjoy the hydration, scent, and shine of the beard oil!

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Through ingredients, through knowledge, give your beard the best!