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Beard Care: For the Working Man

Most of you, just like myself, probably work for a living. No matter what kind of environment you work in, your beard will need the best care possible to be successful in the working world. So, how do you juggle work with beard care? It can be complicated or simple depending on your particular situation. I, for example, work in a manufacturing plant which produces corrugated board (cardboard). I experience high heat and low humidity all throughout the day. These things can be extremely detrimental to your overall beard health, such as split ends, in the long run. So I found myself asking, what can I do to better my beard without getting in the way of my job?

  • Condition your beard before work
    • This is a very important step to achieve a better beard day at work. Putting a little beard oil or balm in right before work will help your beard stay hydrated up until your lunch break usually.
  •  Put a little product in on break
    • Even if your break isn’t very long, take just 1 minute to put a little oil, balm, or other conditioner in your beard. If your break if less or half way into your day put some beard balm in, if your break is after the halfway mark put beard oil in. It’ll get your beard through the rest of the day feeling much better than if you hadn’t.
  • Don’t forget about after work either
    • Whether you go straight home to sleep or get some errands done after work, don’t forget about your beard. If it needs some product then go ahead and put some in. When you do go to sleep after work, make sure to put a little leave-in-conditioner into your beard, it’ll help soften your beard and keep it hydrated while you sleep.

Remember, just because you are a man and your job may be a little rough and dirty, doesn’t mean your beard needs to be the same. Take a little time to ensure your beard is taken care of and you will feel a noticeable difference at work.

2 thoughts on “Beard Care: For the Working Man

  1. I actually didn’t think about taking product with me to work! I might bring a bottle of oil with me from now on.

    1. Yeah, it definitely helps! I recommend Honest Amish Beard Balm for a lasting hydration throughout the workday. It is the best hydrating balm out there, in my opinion.

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