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This Isn’t Highschool Anymore

There is an myth embedded deep inside every man’s psyche. The myth that the more you shave your face the faster your beard will grow. This is entirely and utterly false, to the point that it is like saying black coffee is good. That was a joke, black coffee is actually good. P.S. coffee is really good for your beard. Okay, back on topic! This myth sprung about many years ago when adolescent teens first began growing facial hair. As their “beards” grew they shaved their face, and as they did, more hairs began growing after a while (as puberty tends to work that way) and so they perceived it as thus: shaving = more growth. I’m sure most of you figured out that as false before reading this article, but the myth is so widespread and believed by thousands and thousands of men that it still has a huge influence on our bearded culture. Once you understand that myth you can confidently STOP shaving and trimming if you want to grow out your beard.

Now, onto the trimming section that this article is actually focused on. So, you’ve successfully been growing your beard for a while and its beginning to look a little rough. If you like the rough look, then hey, keep going with it, but I personally prefer a nice shaped and styled beard. It will also make you stand out a lot more among the other beards if you truly take the time and effort needed to shape and style it as desired. Anyways, it is starting to get wild, what do you do? Well, get it trimmed. Yes, yes, I know, you’re thinking “Dude! You just told me not to shave or trim!” Well, just listen to what I have to say.

As your beard grows you will get split ends. This is VERY common in all beards and will happen no matter what. Once split ends set in your beard will take a wild shape as it grows longer. Curling in every direction, being troublesome to comb, and overall you just not being satisfied or happy with it anymore. Do not give up and shave! Just go get it trimmed up a little, not much though. This will ultimately remove those pesky split ends giving your beard a much needed reset and get it back on track for the next few months.

Depending highly on the speed of your beard growth, and health of it too, you may need a slight beard trim every 2-3 months. I would not get it trimmed less than the two month mark. I’ve found three months is the right timeline for my beard trims. It gives time for the growth I want and then the trim gets it back to looking good for the next few months. My honest recommendation is try your best to not trim your beard whatsoever for the first three months of growth. This will truly let your beard take its natural form and get some length on it, then your barber can shape it and take care of those split ends better.

So please, do not give up on your beard. It needs your help sometimes to get where you want it to be. If you want perfection, well maybe not perfection, but at least a very well-groomed and healthy looking beard, you will need to put forth patience and a little extra work. It is not going to get to where you want it magically. Unless you’re going for a wizard’s beard, then just cast a spell on it and boom. It is now time to grow a beard like a man, not like you’re in high-school. But in all seriousness, if you are in high-school and can already grow a full-fledged thick beard, go for it dude. You’re awesome.

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