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Lizard or Wizard?

Okay, we’ve established that you want to grow a beard, after all, you didn’t just read the first two articles for nothing. You now need to decide what length and style of beard you want. Do you want a short-styled neat beard or a beard like that one guy from Lord of the Rings…..oh what’s his name….Gimli the Dwarf, now his beard is amazing! Sure, you can always change course later and go with something different but, I highly recommend going for a particular length and style then sticking to it. The reason for this is: if you think you want to go for one style but trim too much off and end up not caring for the look, it’ll take a while to get back to where you were. So what are the different types of beards you may ask, well, there are plenty. But I will list the most common ones here:

  • Short
    • This beard is easiest to manage. Generally it doesn’t get in the way that much and definitely stays the cleanest throughout the day between work and eating. The timeline for this beard is approximately 1-1.5 months.
  • Medium
    • This beard is obviously in the middle of short and long beards. It isn’t the easiest to maintain, but it isn’t the hardest either. It may get in the way just a little, but not too bad. You may find your medium length beard getting a few things in it here or there, such as dust or debris depending on your working conditions. Also, your mustache may begin getting in the way while eating slightly. You will be able to begin styling your beard some and take advantage of products better, as they will become necessary. The timeline for this beard is around the 2-3 month mark.
  • Long
    • This beard is most definitely the most problematic. But with great beard comes great responsibility. You will likely get many head-turns, broken necks, questions, compliments, and complaints, but it is the most rewarding beard to have. You will notice some challenges with this beard as it gets in the way a good bit. You will have trouble enjoying activities such as eating and drinking but there are always remedies for that. Debris at work will find its way in your beard, hopefully someone is nice enough to tell you about it. This beard is extremely needy: you will have to wash/condition it on a regular basis and style it daily, otherwise you may look a slight bit well, homeless. The timeline for this beard is somewhere after the 5-6 month mark, that is for a good sized full beard.

You may be asking at this point, well, what about stubble and scruff? I am omitting those facial hair lengths as this site is geared towards true beards. Taking pride in your beard and growing it out in a healthy, effective way is our focus. We may cover stubble and scruff at some later point, but for now, we are completely focused on the aforementioned.

Okay, we’ve discussed beard length but what about beard style and shape? Depending on your genetics, skin type, hair type, your beard will grow differently than everyone else’s. Do not fret, you will learn which style is best for your beard as it grows. Let it grow for at least three full months without touching it up, trimming it, or anything. This will let your beard grow to its natural form and shape, then you can go get a trim to shape it up and begin truly styling it. These are the most common beard shapes and styles:

  • Bushy
    • This beard looks slightly unruly and unkempt. Its not to say it looks really bad or anything, it just looks a little more wild and unpredictable perhaps. Again, perception is opinionated. Those with curly beards and those who do not grow a beard evenly around their face may want to try for this style. It doesn’t scream homeless but, it still shows some ruggedness.
  • Straight/Wavy
    • You’re beard will never be completely straight or perfect. So don’t bother trying that route. The best you’ll get is kinda wavy or almost straight. Your beard is much harder to maintain, so do what you can if you want this style. Typically, this beard is best suited for those who do grow a beard evenly all around their face with somewhat straight/curly hair naturally. Those with naturally curly beards may try this style but won’t find it as easy to maintain.

Finally, if you truly want to impress people just go with the wizard’s beard. Like Gandalf, his beard is a masterpiece to behold. And you thought I forgot about him at the beginning the article huh? Now, you shall pass on to the next page, thank you.

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