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It’s Still a Good Day

My favorite expression in the world: “A bad day with a beard is still better than a good day without a beard”

There is really no way around it, there will be many a challenge along your beard journey. Between the awkward first couple months, new beard itch, negative comments or disapproval from others, and eating and drinking, your beard presents more problems than it solves. But that is not to say do not grow a beard, it simply means you will have to work for what you want. Nobody said this was going to be easy. So strap in because we’re about to discuss some of the annoying things of having a beard and bad times too. I will also give you some ideas on how to deal or fully negate these issues. So let’s get started!

  1. The neck beard: This can be a truly strange phase for beginners. Many mistakes can be made here, particularly trimming your beard up to the jaw line, especially when going for a full beard in the long run. Honestly, its just a weird look and there’s not much you can do about it. If you think about it, most people are used to seeing men with neat, trimmed up, shaped up beards. But now you come along with neck hair all over the place and they instantly think “wow this guy needs to get it together”, little do they know in just a few short months you will have a stunning piece of art settled upon your face. So my main point here is stay strong through those rough phases, even when you look kind of strange. It’s worth it.
  2. The never-ending itch: Your beard will forever itch something fierce. From day one until the next time your completely shave. Just kidding, it does end, after about the 2-3 month mark. Depending on your hair type you will experience beard itch to varying degrees. Straight beards will see the least, wavy beards will be affected a little more, and curly beards will obviously experience the worst in most cases. After shaving, the tips of your hair become razor sharp, combine this with the fact that as your beard grows in length it will lay down on the surface of your skin causing itch and sometimes slight pain. Fret not, as this is yet just another phase. It will come to pass. On second thought, guys who regularly shave experience more itch and pain than bearded guys, I mean come on dude, you’re taking a razor to your face.
  3. Food-Beard, a common condition: “I just want to eat!” This is an expression I say regularly when eating or drinking. Whether a cheeseburger, spaghetti, soup, water, whiskey, or just about anything else you might enjoy is being consumed, be prepared for a battle. Have napkins at the ready, trust me, you’ll need them. I miss the days of partaking in the joyous occasion of chowing down on some homemade soup, or getting a juicy burger with all the toppings. There are actually quite a few things you can do to lower your risk of getting food-beard: eating decently and slower. Opening your mouth wider. Eating food with less toppings. Purchasing a mustache guard (only for drinking). Speaking of which, check out my review for the Fisticuffs Moguard on YouTube —> Protect your mustache, drink your whiskey . I also have a video giving a quick and easy method for drinking a milkshake! It is life changing! —> How to Enjoy a Milkshake. 
  4. Stop giving in to peer pressure, you’re not a teenager anymore: That’s right. I said it. You need to stop giving up on your dreams of growing an awesome beard just because a few people disagree with it or don’t like how it looks on you. You know who you are, the ones who shave your beard off simply because you are concerned about others’ opinions. So muster up the courage to not care and just grow it already! Apathy is a great skill. But now for you beginners: as previously mentioned do not sacrifice your goals due to a few comments or remarks regarding your beard, especially in the early stages. This can be a hard time, and you don’t need anyone influencing you to do something completely rash and absolutely insane. Keep the beard and keep it growing!
  5. Self-Doubt: By far the most difficult things about having a beard in the early stages is self-doubt. You probably won’t like your appearance at the beginning until after the second or third month passes. Not many guys do care for their look during these times. But do not let your perception by misconstrued, great things are on the horizon, all it takes is time and willpower.
  6. Rise and Shine: You just woke up and already have to problems to deal with, and I’m not talking about deciding on which beard oil to use. I’m talking about getting that weird wave out of your beard and getting all of your beard from one side of your face back over to the other so its even again. This can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned bearded ones. My advice is wake up and take care of it right away. Throw in some beard balm to style it just a little and use a round brush to pull the hairs back straight or however you want them. But going around with your beard fresh outta bed is never a good idea if you care about your appearance.

Now, I know I’ve listed a lot of issues here but just keep in mind these are all manageable and sometimes even avoidable if the right measures are taken and the right mindset is applied. I’ll be adding to this list myself as I continue my beard journey. There is always another issue or event that I run into. The main thing is to stay focused on your goal and set aside anything that puts up a resistance.

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