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An Empire Awaits You…

The first thing you’re probably thinking is: “I can’t wait for my beard to grow in”. But first you must understand that things like this, well, they can take quite a long time. Your beard is as majestic as an empire, and Rome wasn’t built in a day.. Depending on your genetics and other factors such as diet and testosterone levels, your beard may grow anywhere from 1/8 in, 1/4 in, to 1/2 in per month. Obviously, keeping a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein, exercising, and your testosterone levels will play a great part in the speed of your growth but also the health of your beard to a certain extent. These things may boost it slightly, but will not dramatically hinder your growth if you fail to do so.

As your beard grows you will notice growth right from the start, but as time goes on month after month you will see less and less growth. This is not to say your beard has stopped growing. Imagine, you clean shaved last week and already you can see new hairs sprouting and taking form, growing each and every day. You can feel them growing in length and after several weeks you can begin pulling on them a little. Then after the first or second month you can twirl the hairs in your fingers and still notice growth. But now imagine, you are six or seven months in, and you begin having doubts because you haven’t seen much growth. It does not mean your beard stopped growing, it simply means growth is a little more difficult to perceive.

Once your beard gets to a certain length, and as it grows, it will curl and take all kinds of shapes. This slightly reduces your overall beard length, but make no mistake it is definitely still growing. Doing things like blow-drying your beard on cool with a round brush to straighten your beard will make it noticeably longer, giving you back the assured feeling and confidence you once had that you are indeed on the right path.

Growing your beard to your desired length or goal will be a long journey. Do not get discouraged. You will experience ups and downs, itchiness, dryness, compliments and negative comments. Just like anything else in life, you must go your own path with disregard of others’ opinions and the perils along the way. Growing a beard is as much psychological as it is anything else. So in closing I will tell you, it is definitely worth the wait and struggles along the way. Just hang in there, have patience, and eventually an empire will be yours to brag about.

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