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Welcome to Because Beard!

We intend to inspire and guide all those who have a sincere interest in beards, specifically in growing their beard in a healthy, effective manner. Whether you are just beginning your journey, in the middle of your adventure, or have already reached your ultimate beard goal, we are sure to have something to peak your interest. Through our tips, blogs, and reviews, we are committed to providing you the best advice possible for your beard. We are here to steer you away from bad advice, fake growth claims, and the myths about growing a great beard. Instead we focus on true healthy growth at all stages. At Because Beard, we help you give what your beard needs, because your beard needs the best.

We keep our main content in the ‘Categories’ and other tabs in the slide out menu. But we also have plenty of content within our Beard Chronicles(Blog Archive)!

If you wish to add your photo to the Gallery of Beards, just email us at You are more than welcome to update your photo as well (twice per month).